Each session lasts for about 20-40 minutes. Upon arriving at the bakery, young people begin preparation by hanging up their jackets, changing into their whites, putting on hairnets and shoe covers, before washing their hands.

Then they help with simple tasks like weighing ingredients, moulding and kneading dough, seeding the bread etc. Each young person will have a visual schedule to follow, which plans out their tasks step-by-step. They will be accompanied by an Autism Practitioner who will also undertake the same hygiene prep and wear the uniform. The practitioner will support them to follow their schedule, while Dylan oversees to ensure quality standards are maintained.

Young people are also involved in cleaning down, taking uniforms to the laundry and hanging them in size order in the changing room. They return after baking has finished to collect their products, which they take back to their home to share with their peers.