Dylan - Artisan Bakery Manager

Dylan joined Bread & Beyond during its development in 2018 and is now running our training programme for young people as well as making amazing artisan bread. Read more

Trainee baker - Reuben

Reuben loves baking. His progress has been transformational and having made a success of making muffins for staff, he was the inspiration behind the bakery and a natural choice to be a Trainee Baker. Read more

Trainee baker - Jenny

Since joining Prior’s Court, Jenny has made significant progress. Although she remains non-verbal and unable to read or write, the progress she has made in terms of her life and vocational skills is tremendous. Read more

Trainee baker - Peter

Trainee baker, Peter joined Prior's Court in 2006 with many challenges. Peter has made some life changing progress, his anxiety levels have reduced, and he is happily accessing baking sessions regularly. Read more

Our Product Range

We offer a range of products, all hand crafted and baked daily at our site in Hermitage. Read more