Artisan /'a:tizan, a:ti'zan/: a craftsperson trained to the highest ability; a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.

Oxford English Dictionary

Since the first loaf was baked at our new facilities in August 2018, our Master Artisan Baker, Dylan has been hand-crafting the finest bread, using the highest quality ingredients, free from additives and preservatives; as well as supporting young people with severe autism through our specialist training programme

Currently you can find the following products by Bread and Beyond, but we can also bake items on request. So if you're interested in becoming a stockist but your customer's taste buds are tingling for something different then get in touch.

Seeded bread from Bread and BeyondWholemeal brown and soft white rolls - perfect for dipping into soup on a cold day or tear and enjoy with a cheese board.


Seeded bread from Bread and BeyondMultigrain Malthouse - A classic English loaf using a mix of flours with that distinctive nutty taste. Great for the dinner table, dipped into olive oil or with a strong cheese.


Seeded bread from Bread and BeyondSourdough - white or rye and stoneground - The starter (pre-ferment) is what gives a sourdough its distinctive taste and ours is fermented on site by our Master Baker, Dylan. It's unique to Bread and Beyond and is a favourite amongst our staff.


Seeded bread from Bread and BeyondTraditional white loaf - perfect for toasting and sandwiches.