Dylan Needham joined as Artisan Bakery Manager during Bread & Beyond's development in 2018. Dylan brings a wealth of experience having worked for bakery giants Hovis, Delice De France and Warburtons to name a few, working on production lines, as well as new product development.

Dylan's passion for baking and helping the young people is infectious. His desire to produce the most delicious, high quality, hand-crafted bread comes across in every bake and he developed our signature bread - Sourdough - by nurturing the starter through fermentation from scratch so that we have a wonderfully unique bread.

For me the most exciting bit is getting the young people involved, and that sense of achievement for them. That’s what is unique about what we’re offering and it’s important that comes through. It’s all about getting the young person into the workplace, smiling and enjoying the process, and of course making fantastic bread.

Dyland Needham, Artisan Bakery Manager