Laura joined the Bread & Beyond team as our Bakery Job Coach in 2020 to help young people with severe autism learn valuable skills within our bakery that will enable them to thrive in the world of work.

As Bakery Job Coach, Laura’s role involves equipping our trainee bakers with the skills and experience they need to work in a bakery, with sessions covering areas such as customer services and in-bakery hygiene skills, alongside the baking aspect itself.

Laura’s previous role before joining Bread & Beyond was working with the young people within Prior’s Court school, providing her with a solid understanding of the systems and support that can effectively promote learning for young people with autism.

I am excited to bring my experience and skills from a structured classroom to the bakery and support in setting up visuals and structure that make it easier for our young people to learn. Going forward I would love to set up taster sessions in the bakery for younger children so they could have a fun educational experience.

Laura Parker, Bakery Job Coach