Our rule for what we offer in our range is simple; only products that use high quality ingredients, can be hand-crafted and taste amazing make it through.

Since the first loaf was baked at our new facilities in August 2018, our Master Artisan Baker, Dylan has been hand-crafting the finest baked goods, using the highest quality ingredients, free from additives and preservatives; as well as supporting young people with severe autism through our specialist training programme

Currently you can find the following products by Bread & Beyond, but we can also bake items on request. So if you're interested in becoming a stockist but your customer's taste buds are tingling for something different then get in touch.

Artisan Bread

Artisan /'a:tizan, a:ti'zan/: a craftsperson trained to the highest ability; a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.

Oxford English Dictionary

Wholemeal brown and soft white rolls - perfect for dipping into soup on a cold day or tear and enjoy with a cheese board.

Multigrain Malthouse - A classic English loaf using a mix of flours with that distinctive nutty taste. Great for the dinner table, dipped into olive oil or with a strong cheese.

Sourdough - white or rye and stoneground - The starter (pre-ferment) is what gives a sourdough its distinctive taste and ours is fermented on site by our Master Baker, Dylan. Available as both a loaf or rolls, our sourdough is  unique to Bread & Beyond and a favourite among our staff.

Traditional white and wholemeal loaves - perfect for toasting and sandwiches. 


Speciality Bread

Dark sour multigrain breadOlive flute - an artisan bread bulk fermented for 2 hours containing a 25% mix of black and green olives.

Focaccia - A traditional Italian bread, quite flat and usually round or square-shaped, ours is baked in a branded wooden box. It has an almost cake-like texture and is infused with herbs and topped with rosemary from our staff’s garden and flaked sea salt. 

Oat & barley - 25% sour with barley wheat and oats in a small bloomer shape. Bulk fermented for 2 hours.

Dark sour multigrain - 25% sour Boule’ brimming with multigrain seeds such as pumpkin and sunflower. The 2 hours bulk fermentation pulls the goodness from the seeds making it a healthier option.

Who doesn't love tearing off a piece of soft bread and dipping it in your favourite oil or vinegar. Or just simply adding a bit of butter and a twist of rock salt. Our Master Baker has designed two 'pull-apart loaves' for just this:

Cheese & onion - a firm favourite with a strong taste.

Tomato - pretend you're in the Mediterranean and dip away.


Sweet Treats

Chocolate chip shortbread - dip in your afternoon tea.

Cinnamon whirls - known for its medicinal properties for thousands of years, cinnamon gives these whirls a unique flavour. Enjoy for breakfast or a dessert.

Muffins - a choice of lemon and poppyseed, chocolate chip with a hint of vanilla or double choc chip.

Where to buy

A selection of our delectable products are now available to buy at the following retailers:

Supplying retail outlets, restaurants and farm shops with our quality baked goods enables local residents to buy and sample our products. By doing so they are supporting the work of Prior's Court, as profits from the sale of Bread & Beyond products go back into the Foundation, enabling the work with young people with severe autism to continue.

This could be life changing for the future employment prospects of these young people who may otherwise never enter the world of work.

If you're interested in becoming a stockist, please get in touch:

e: [email protected]

Find out more about the work Prior's Court do with young people with severe autism on their website.