Peter (pictured with Master Baker, Dylan above), joined Prior's Court in 2009 at 16 years old. He had spent time in various schools since his diagnosis, aged 3, but none of these enabled him to thrive. He struggled with anxiety and typical problematic behaviours that come with anxiety for young people severely affected by autism. His mum described his experiences as "being terrorised by life, he found everything too much and had no enjoyment."

When Peter joined Prior's Court, he started to become less anxious and make good progress in challenging areas. For example,  he became calmer, learnt how to follow a schedule and was able to move from one task to another successfully. Previously he was only able to focus for 10 minutes maximum before losing concentration and becoming distressed, so his progress opened up many new opportunities. His challenging behaviours and anxiety reduced substantially and he is now better able to adapt to changes.

All of this was life changing for Peter and his family. He has been able to fully enjoy family holidays and is able to do things that others may take for granted, but were previously difficult or impossible for him, such as going out for a meal without getting anxious about waiting. 

Now Peter is one of our star bakers in the making and is attending training sessions regularly. His mum, Debra is delighted with his progress:

Working in the bakery has provided Peter with an enjoyable and purposeful activity. With a huge smile expressing his real sense of accomplishment he told us he made bread rolls and then, most importantly, ate some! How fantastic that he has been given the opportunity to experience the working environment of a bakery. We are grateful to all the dedicated staff who envisaged this project and who bring that vision into reality each day by their patient and diligent expertise in working with young people who can thrive with just the right sort of understanding and support. Thank you - this creative project is great for Peter and his participation means so much to all his family and friends.