Trainee Baker - OliverTrainee Baker, Oliver joined Prior's Court back in 2017. He has a diagnosis of autism, which affects his speech and language skills, social communication and his attention, listening and cognitive abilities.  

Oliver joined the Bread & Beyond team in the 2019/20 academic year and has already made great strides developing skills in many areas. Oliver was initially anxious about working in the bakery as it was a change to his usual routine, something which individuals with autism can find challenging. With the right support however, Oliver is now happy and engaged in the bakery and making exceptional progress with not only his baking skills, but also his confidence and wider life skills that support him in other areas of life.

Bread & Beyond Job Coach, Laura explains:

When I collect Oliver from his house he always jumps up and signs “mixing” to me and gets his shoes straight on. He has developed skills that are functional across his life, such as being able to ask for help and being able to ask for more.

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